Thursday, April 2, 2009

When's that summer comin'?

Lookin' very attentitve, yes? You know there is something that smells delicious up there! I am great and honing in on the goodies, and then lockin' on to them. Very strong jaws. But, first I work my charm.....those googily, sweet eyes, the undeniable attention..."it's all about you, hooman..your're so sweet and nice....I've got lots of time to admire you..." Very patient. Well, ok...if that doesn't work...I try other tactics...a stare-down of the delicious target to come to my level, in conjunction with the googily, sweet eyes...and by goodness! Often I am soon sampling a nibble! Or, if my super jaws can come in contact with the delicious item...I go for it! That's when the I don't hear the hooman say "ah! cute!", but something more like "Aow!!!!!!!" Oh well, got it!
Well, yes, I love sticks! As you can see I was surrounded by them. That is a nice day! Just need my hoomans to relax a little and give me more time to work on these sticks! There's lots of them and just one of me...."ok mom and dad, get it?" I usually don't get enough time, and have to get back into the floatable with mom, or keep walking around.....Mom says things like, "it's so beautiful out!" and I say things like "but, all my sticks!!", my jaw latched on to something really good one day....that's me, by the lake, being 'scolded' by my hoomans...but guess what! I got that mouse, it was smelly, crunchy and my jaws are good at those sorts of things! I'm quick too. My hoomans didn't realize until it was TOO late. Ya know though, it wasn't that delicious....and doesn't make nice things in my stomach....I'm ok though.

There's me with a BIG stickie. Good stuff....excellent for my jaw exercises...

And me, just riding the floatable...looking for more stickies....

Ok, well it's not summer YET...but winter has a few things to offer.....will just wait for summer....
Chew some cold stickies, roll in the white snowy stuff and be happy about it...


  1. ohhh Honey, you’re so lucky to live in the wild! Right In the middle off mother nature! :)
    love your third photo, it look’s like you’re enjoying yourself so much that nothing in the world could distract you!
    the summer it’s coming... just wait for it! :) I can feel it too!
    Here in Portugal the days are getting bigger and bigger :)
    licks Pu

  2. Oh Honey, I so wish I could be there floatin' with you. Your Mom is so right when she says it is beautiful out-but not as beautiful as you. I love you in the floatable. If you ever need help, I'm a whiz with sticks!

    Oh no, this is so embarrassing-Mom is drooling looking at those mountains and water.

    Woofs and cold, sticky slobbers!

  3. Honey,

    I wish I could come to my Packies'home state and take a swim with you.(They really want to move back to CA) I tried kayaking last year in the Charles River it was a blast, although I really wanted to jump in. How do you resist?

    Have a good weekend.

    Your friend Harry in Beantown.

  4. Hi there! Honey here....
    Well....just to let you know..these are photos from some special trips...sadly, we don't live at them! Though, mom and dad and I would LOVE to, of course!
    And, Harry....yea, I do go in the water, don't jump in these days though. Move back to CA! We love the sierras...these are photos from Sequoia National Forest and Courtwright Reservoir, in Sierra National Forest.
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Cheers!!! Honey

  5. Hey Honey! You just look so cute by the lake. And, as far as the mouse goes, you might try birds instead. I say this from experience! They are just yummy. I never had a mouse though!


  6. Hi Honey
    It is very nice to meeta you. Thanks for visiting me. I love your pictures of you in the boat..I bet that was really cool....

  7. Hi Honey! I know you love to follow pockets that have treats in them, but get a load of the size of that "log" you're dragging around in the water! Wow, can't imagine the strength that must have taken! I love these photos - haven't seen them! Thanks for posting!
    Hugs and Love,
    xo Sammie

  8. Oh summer will be here before you know it. I Have never been on a boat, have you tipped over before?

  9. What a nice khollekhtion of great Honey pikhs!

    It won't be long!

    Please be sure to enjoy each day that happens until it does arrive!


  10. Ohhhhhhh....dear Honey...what a GREAT photo of you at the park!!!
    would like to be with you and swimming togheter in this wonderful lake or coming with you on the canoa!!!!!
    you look so happy and Gorgeous in all these photos!!!
    we love you and your blog!!!!
    and thanks for sharing with us your adventures!!!!
    don't worry....spring is coming better!!!!
    Lots of love and kisses!!!
    have a great weekend!!!!

  11. Sweet Honey, those are great pictures of woo. Stickies, who does like stickies? I sure love to chew them too, like you. Love, Samantha

    Pawsome job on the mouse! I got a mouse one time too but mom was too quick to take it away from me. I worked hard in getting that mouse.
    We've never been on a floatable before, mom and dad has one but they said it's too small for Sam and I to be in there too. Hugs, June

  12. Woof! Oh! I'm also looking forward for summer but winter has not left yet ... LOVE LOVE your photos. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar!

  13. Thanks fur visitin arr site! Wee wuv meeting noo friends!

    Gus and Waldo

  14. Hi Honey,

    Thanks for visiting us! You are a beautiful girl. So must be very happy and that is good. As far as summer coming, hang in there because it's almost here!

    Your new friend,
    Emma Rose

  15. Thanks for visiting me - You sure live in a beautiful place - I think I would like it there - if you get a chance send me a peemail so that I have your info in my file - I like to keep up with all my furry friends info - just in case! you can peemail me at

    hope to see more of you


  16. This looks like fun! I asked my mum and she said I've been to the PacNW. There was lots of water and smelly things to roll in. We could have a lot of fun together.

  17. Hi there Honey...
    Yep you do live in an amazing part of the world! I wish I could see snow and test out my thick coat too. Kayaking also sounds so cool! Here in South Africa it is very hot and I suppose you'd consider our weather "Summer all-year-round". We do however get to cool off in our swimming pool here at home. I'm sooo envious of your environment. Thanks for your comment on my own blog.
    Luv Maxdog

  18. Whoa, Honey - you ate a mouse???? No way! Maybe I read that wrong. Sounds like it would tickle!

    See ya!

  19. What a spot you live in, Honey! You are so lucky that you still have snow!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  20. Hi Honey
    So nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting our blog we now get to come visit you and see those cool pics!!!
    Loved the one where you are driving the boat or sailing the canoe is perhaps the right words.......
    You have a great life there in the bit outdoors. Great scenery reminded us of the north of Scotland.
    We will come visit again
    Martha & Bailey xx

  21. We love the third picture of you enjoying the sun!

  22. Honey! you are SOOOO adorable! it looks like you have some awesome places to 'splore! we definately wish we could go splorin with you! we raise honey bees on our farm--so we think you are extra sweet! saige and guinness

  23. Dear Honey,
    I just love this post - I wish I could be with you when you do all these great things! (teehee - I guess I am lucky enough to do some things with you!) Anyway, thanks so much for sending me today's caption photo - it's on my bloggie and it's a great one! Huge hugs and licks from me and a hug from my mom to your mom too xo,

  24. Oh ya the lake is awesome. The more stick the better. We are really good at making mom chase them too...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  25. Hi Honey,

    Booti-ful photos of you! Booti-ful!


  26. Wow Honey!! What a big stick you were swimming with!!!
    I bet that is a good workout!

  27. Honey, I'm afraid I offended you wif what I say earlier... about having a big crush!

    I'm just a 10 year old boy who, like my Mom, has a special place in the heart for 'golden oldies'. WE ARE most special!!!

    Want you to know my intentions are and were honorable, and I just think you're a most beautiful and special girl! And I love readin bout your ventures and your life!

    Wif love from the Luke