Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gallery at Squaw Valley - Keoki Flagg

Dave and I happened upon this wonderful gallery at Squaw Valley USA this past weekend. We were so missing our Honey, a doll of a trip companion. And, excited to see a few ski patrol goldens heading up on the tram to their post mid-mountain at the ski patrol hut.
We then found Gallery Keoki. This is an amazing gallery filled with huge wonderful photographs of the Lake Tahoe area, as well as other sculptures, photos, paintings, and glasswork.
The photographer, Keoki Flagg, did a photo shoot in 2002 for Ski Magazine on ski patrol dogs. The article is called 'Top Dogs'. Many are of golden retreivers, as Alpine Meadows Ski Resort apparently only used goldens for their rescue team. Squaw Valley uses goldens as well as other snow doggies. LOVE the ones above...called 'Nine Golden Sunrise'.

We encourage you to visit Keoki Flagg's website. Wonderful photos.