Friday, March 20, 2009

Hi from's Friday eve!

Hey there....just checking in.
Hoping my pal, Golden Samantha is doing ok. She ate one of her dad's leather gloves! Had a terrible bout with four days of a bad stomach as a result of her glove devouring...and underwent surgery today to remove the pieces caught in her stomach. I hope you are doing ok Sammie! glad mom is home! More long days at the new job. But, I get looked, that is nice. Not as nice as just having mom around. It was a pretty we pulled out the camera.

Storms are moving our way again.

Thanks to all my new doggie pals!
Cheers from Honey!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Great time at Muir Beach

Hi from Honey! Thank you Samantha and her mom and dad for having me over Saturday and Sunday! I had a GREAT time.
I got to go to Muir Beach! Yea!
Good smells, fresh air, sand in my paws...... I might have eaten a rock, opps! Thought it was a snack...of course.

My mom was worried about me getting caught in the waves, so I kept my leash on just in case..... I look like I have a sash on in the top photo. Funny! is another drizzly and I have been walking a bit in the neighborhood, it's too wet for trails, mom says.... And, I might go to work with her today! Well, it's not that exciting.....but at least I can hang out near her.

Bye for now.
Cheers, Honey