Saturday, April 25, 2009


Honey left us today, she couldn't fight. Her eyes, her breath, her heart....we have been trying to imagine her somewhere beautiful, with lots of sticks, lakes, other furries...waiting for us at some of our favorite places... leaving her spirit here and there with us....
This has been a heart-breaking day. We cannot stop our tears. Dave and I have been celebrating her, crying for her, trying to come to peace with her struggle....and her little body that couldn't fight anymore.
Always a big love for this special golden that followed us on many adventures, comforted us when we were sad, made us laugh at silly things....and waited for us, until her last day.
Honey love.

Spending our time with Honey....

Honey has endured a very rough past two days. We spent some time at the Emergency Vet last night, and will see her new regular vet this morning.

We can hear her pain, her panting....she knows her little heart and lungs have been invaded by forms we would never wish on any living being.

The medications we had hoped would calm her and give her some peace to hold on a little longer do not seem to be working.

We are shattered, heart-broken, and though we know it is is so unbearable to let her go.

Last night we made a little area for her by the window...and this morning we made the paw print...

We slept near her, hugged her and can't stop our tears.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Taking it day by day.....

With Honey's pal, Dixie....(mom's chocolate lab) who has been helping us care for her. Dixie is 4, but shows compassion and understanding towards sweet Honey.
Yesterday Honey had an ok day and spent some time with Dixie and mom....

Honey even guided herself to sit in the pool on the steps. Cool water for her bones.
A few photos from 2005....memories of great trips, and good times with our super pal....

Loved to bite that Snoopy!
With my brother's doggie, Luna....she is actually a chocolate lab! Such a sweet gal, and smiles at you when she is happy....
I used to be able to take Honey and Luna to work with me, and they patiently shared a giant round pillow!

Special thanks to Golden Samantha and family for that constant, anytime support and help!
And, thank you to The Bumpass Hounds for guidance, YD for mentioning Honey today...and Khyra, Pipa, and others that have mentioned Honey on their site. We are grateful for such amazing pals!

BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! We really appreciate your support and caring. This is so difficult, as you are never prepared to let go. One more day is a blessing, but every next day becomes more difficult.

Lots of tears, lots of hopes, lots of hugs throughout each next day.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our sad news

Greetings friends, thank you so much for all of your kind emails from our post yesterday.

And, a big thank you to Brind'Amour for Honey's site award! We appreciate all of you so much!

We received some very heart-breaking news this morning from Honey's vet. The radiologist confirmed that her body has been attacked by cancer, and she is now at an advanced stage. We are so sad, as she has been our companion for many years. We are keeping her comfortable, and hope that she will hang out with us a little longer to enjoy some of her and our good friends, and family.

My husband had Honey as a puppy, and as soon as he picked her up, they did a cross country road trip together. Ever since then, Honey has done many wonderful trips. I met Dave and Honey in 2003, and we have been fortunate enough to enjoy lots of trips to beautiful places. A photo of me with Honey yesterday and below is the first road trip I did, with Dave and Honey just after meeting them......

We explored the Grand Canyon....
Bishop, California.....Eastern Sierras
Campground below the Eastern Sierras.....
Camping in Zion National Park......
Honey is a great traveler!

Today, Honey and I will visit some nice parkies in our area. She still has a bit of an appetite, and the vet has given us some medications that should keep her pain low, and hopefully she may perk up a bit.

Aw! This is very sad for us!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Not good news.....

Our dear Honey has been not doing well. We are very concerned. Our vet visit today was not a positive one....Honey has some bone-on-bone spots on her spine, and her left hip. She can barely walk these days. The vet also saw some questionable tumors throughout her little body. We are awaiting another opinion from a radiologist.

Honey and I spent some time at her favorite parkies today, among parkie friends.....and some time with dad.....