Thursday, April 23, 2009

Taking it day by day.....

With Honey's pal, Dixie....(mom's chocolate lab) who has been helping us care for her. Dixie is 4, but shows compassion and understanding towards sweet Honey.
Yesterday Honey had an ok day and spent some time with Dixie and mom....

Honey even guided herself to sit in the pool on the steps. Cool water for her bones.
A few photos from 2005....memories of great trips, and good times with our super pal....

Loved to bite that Snoopy!
With my brother's doggie, Luna....she is actually a chocolate lab! Such a sweet gal, and smiles at you when she is happy....
I used to be able to take Honey and Luna to work with me, and they patiently shared a giant round pillow!

Special thanks to Golden Samantha and family for that constant, anytime support and help!
And, thank you to The Bumpass Hounds for guidance, YD for mentioning Honey today...and Khyra, Pipa, and others that have mentioned Honey on their site. We are grateful for such amazing pals!

BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! We really appreciate your support and caring. This is so difficult, as you are never prepared to let go. One more day is a blessing, but every next day becomes more difficult.

Lots of tears, lots of hopes, lots of hugs throughout each next day.


  1. It does look like you & Dixie had a nice day. If you want to get into a little mischief, you are invited to come & join us at our place! We love you!
    XOXO-BabyRD & Hootie

  2. Hi, Honey,

    you are such a corageous girl. Please stop by my blog, I left there a little something for you...
    Kisses and hugs,

  3. Honey and Dixie look like real friends! Lots of hugs and kisses for Honey!

  4. Just found your site via Three Dog Blog and Golden Samantha. So sorry to hear about Honey and hope that she has some remission. Thinking of you and sending cyber hugs from across the big pond.

  5. Hi Honey!
    So good to hear about you and to know that you are hanging on, doing fine and receiving sucho love and care of your hoomans and such good vibes of everyone that cares about you, like me!

    We love you very much, be strong!!!

    Love, love, love


  6. That is all any of us khan do: take it one day at a time...

    Mom keeps having the Tim McGraw song run through her head...

    Tank woo fur khontinuing to share your time with your pawrents!

    We promise to keep an eye on 'em fur woo too!

    I'm furry honoured fur the is all a paw it furward thing.

    Someday my mom may need the same hugz fur me!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  7. Heya Honey and family,
    That's another good day of relaxing and taking it easy. We wish more of these kinds of days. You are definitely a most loved do. It's good to have a friend like Dixie to share your time with. We love you girl; heck, everybody loves you.
    - TBH

  8. Hi Honey

    We are glad you have an nice friend like Dixie to keep you company. We are thinking about you daily, and hope you keep feeling good. The pool looked like it felt nice.

    Tucker and Daisy

  9. It is so very hard - enjoy each day as it comes and dont think too far ahead. Personally I found the loss of my dog last year one of the hardest things in my life. I can say that to you and other dog bloggers because you understand.
    I hope knowing how much we all care and feel for you and Honey helps just a little.
    Take care xxx

  10. Hi Honey,

    It's good to see that you are still getting out and about for some fresh air. Your pal, Dixie, is such a good friend. Love the pool picture. Sending good thoughts!


  11. I am in tears. I know it's so hard for us human to let go of something we love so much. You are right, just take it one day at a time.

    YD with Sam & June

  12. hum hum :) good day :) hanging around with your friend... and a little rest by the pool yup. good day :)
    keep it up honey :) we luuuuve yah!
    lot´s of licks Pu

  13. Hope you have a good day Honey. I like the pictures where you're wearing doggy shoes (boots?) - very fashion forward! Lhasa luv, Tank

  14. Ohhhhhhhhhh Honey...we're very happy for you....It does look like you & Dixie had a nice day!!!!!!!!!!
    we loved so much your photos...and the one where you wearing dog's boots are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!you look soooooo cool!!!
    Hope that the pool's water are good for your bones sweet friend....
    you're always in our thoughts and prayers!!!!
    We love you soooooooooooooo much...take care of you sweet girl!!!!
    Lots of love and kisses and licks!!!!

  15. Love the pix of you yesterday with Dixie and others with Luna - you in the snow and with Snoopy! What a cutie photo! Thinking of you all the time - you are such a great pal, Honey dear. We hope we will get to have you over here this weekend and look forward to it - lots of hugs and snuggles!
    xoxoxoxoxoxo Sammie

  16. I love Honey and only just met her today. We have 6 dogs who are our great friends and we love each of them so much. You are in our prayers, Honey and her family. My favorite picture is the one where she's sharing the big round pillow.

  17. Hi Honey. Thanks for sharing some of your fun memories with us! I just love those snow boots you were wearing!! And Dixie is sure one great friend to have!! you are very lucky Honey. Mommy and I are keeping you in our hearts. Treasure every moment you can!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  18. Hello Honey! How are you feeling? I enjoy looking at your pictures!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  19. Ciao bella Honey,

    We think of you every day, Honey, and always with the hope that your days are calm and peaceful. We know you are surrounded by the love of your family (including that darling Dixie), and that's such a wonderful thing. We keep you all in our thoughts and prayers!

    Lucia and her girl

  20. Hello - Visiting your blog via YDs lovely post today. Kane and I send our hugs and kisses to Honey and a million doses of courage to her mom & dad. I'm glad to see Honey had a good day, and I will spend some time now to read through all the good, wonderful adventures you've had together. What a tribute this blog is to her life! Every dog should be so lucky.

    Love & Hugs,

    Lena and Kane

  21. Hi Honey! I'm so glad you are having a good day! You look great with your dog friends. I'm glad they are around you to help you feel better. I think I would love to give you a big swipe with my tongue to help you feel better. I'm sure you feel all the love your family is giving and has given you all these years. Take care-me and my pack are keeping you in our thoughts for many more good days.
    Woofs and loving slobbers,

  22. glad you're still out and about - beautiful photos!


  23. Hi Honey! You sure look nice and cool in the pool. I bet that feels good. Dixie seems like a very special girl. I think you bring out the best in everybody, Honey. You're a very special girl yourself.

    Your pal,

  24. a beautiful post. you are a love, Honey!

  25. Great photos! We're glad Honey had a good day.

  26. HOLY CRAP I'M CRYING.... that swimming pool picture is cute. I'm a Honey fan.... Gosh it's so difficult when dogs get old.. My parents had to put down my brother & sister (aka her German Shephards) in November 08 and I still cry for them. Hugs and good thoughts your way!!! <3

  27. I don't know why mama's crying but I love your pics. Here's my special healing licks and nosekisses. along with positive vibes and chi.

    Lou & Pebbles.

  28. Dear sweet Honey, we just came by to see how you're doing today. Sending lots of love and hugs to you and your folks :o)
    Beautiful treasured photos too.
    Slobbers xx

  29. We are right there with you, one day at a time, we will take every day we can get. Mom says it would have been so much easier if we didn't know there was a problem:( Honey is enjoying her time, we can just tell.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  30. Thinking of you and sending sweet Honey lots of hugs.

    Our hearts break for you - enjoy each day, thats all you can do.


    Brooke, Greg, Charlie & Opy

  31. I know your pain all too well and my heart aches for you!!!
    Hugs to you and Sweet Honey,

  32. Honey,

    Just wanted to stop by to see how you're feeling. You sure do have alot of friends that care about you. I bet lying in the pool felt really good. I'm thinking about you all the time!


  33. I bet that cool water really helped relax her. I am thinking of you every day.