Saturday, March 28, 2009

Promo doggies!

Well...while I was having a super fun time with Sammie again this weekend... mom met more funny furries on the road! Here's one that really likes to bite bicycle tires! Not sure he would make the professional bicycle promo photos....unless promoting edible they have those? He sure thinks so! Oh, and there's a little gal who loved to ride in bicycle baskets! Well....she's a super runner too! And, trotted all through Golden Gate Park by her mom who was on bicycle. time to relax in that basket and make mom do all the work!

Streets are closed to vehicles on Sundays in Golden Gate EVERYONE is out...especially on sunny days.

Spanky, in pink helmet, is the pro don't ya think! Reading electric bicycle literature and with helmet on and everything! You are good at this!

Well....Sammie and I sure had a fun time PRACTICING! Aspiring promo doggies!? Sam is pretty serious once she has her helmet on. Safety first!!

I didn't do as well balancing the darn helmet...and they wanted me to wear sun glasses too! Good grief! Where are the treats!? I'm working hard over here!! Time for a snack break, isn't it?

We did get to do some 'takes' and they went something like this:
"Look here" "Hold" "Hold" "HOLD!" "Look here" "No here!" "HERE!" "Ok! Cookie!!!!" Whew! .....Guess we are still amateurs....

But, mmmmmmmm. Cookies! Yum!!

All in fun! Cheers from Honey!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Honey pals...and other furries mom meets on the road!

Hi from Honey!!! Here is a quickie post....just gotta love these pix! Me with super pal, Luna (aka Louie or Lou). She's a CHOCOLATE LAB! Isn't she a sweetie!
Mom met this golden while on the road with her electric bicycle project. This is Jessie, he hangs out all day with his hooman at the really cool bike shop! Jessie has lots of folks play with him. He was helping mom with electric bike test rides in this photo....or was he playing ball? Hmmmm.
Buddy! Mom said Buddy stole the show at Santana Row! Mom was there with her electric bike team...and Buddy! Supper great fella! Folks were taking lots of shots of Buddy, with Buddy....
Go Buddy!
At a family dinner! Louie's in the back, Dozer has his head up, I'm over past Dozer, and dear Moe is the chocolate lab. Moe is now at the Rainbow Bridge. We miss you Moe!
Dozer. a rescue, once hopped on a passing transit bus!!! Did you have a doggie bus pass Dozer? He has a great forever home, though and does not run onto busses these days, nor hop into folks vehicle trunks, nor other forms of transport, unless with his hoomans....he is still a bit mischevious at times though.
Yes! Me with Snoopy! Who has a bigger nose!?!? Mom loves this shot.

Cheers from Honey!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sammie is getting better!

Hi from Honey! Got to sit with my pal Sammie last night....she is recovering from an intense surgery.... Please send her some get well wishes at She had a pretty unfortunate situation after eating a leather glove!
Sammie, you look so comfy! Sammie's mom bought her an new bed, and it looks very cozy doesn't it?

Well, my mom is home for a few days, and promises me that we are going to spend LOTS OF TIME TOGETHER! Soon, we will go spend time with Sammie again, while her mom works for a few hours. I love visiting Sammie!

Hugs from Honey!