Saturday, March 28, 2009

Promo doggies!

Well...while I was having a super fun time with Sammie again this weekend... mom met more funny furries on the road! Here's one that really likes to bite bicycle tires! Not sure he would make the professional bicycle promo photos....unless promoting edible they have those? He sure thinks so! Oh, and there's a little gal who loved to ride in bicycle baskets! Well....she's a super runner too! And, trotted all through Golden Gate Park by her mom who was on bicycle. time to relax in that basket and make mom do all the work!

Streets are closed to vehicles on Sundays in Golden Gate EVERYONE is out...especially on sunny days.

Spanky, in pink helmet, is the pro don't ya think! Reading electric bicycle literature and with helmet on and everything! You are good at this!

Well....Sammie and I sure had a fun time PRACTICING! Aspiring promo doggies!? Sam is pretty serious once she has her helmet on. Safety first!!

I didn't do as well balancing the darn helmet...and they wanted me to wear sun glasses too! Good grief! Where are the treats!? I'm working hard over here!! Time for a snack break, isn't it?

We did get to do some 'takes' and they went something like this:
"Look here" "Hold" "Hold" "HOLD!" "Look here" "No here!" "HERE!" "Ok! Cookie!!!!" Whew! .....Guess we are still amateurs....

But, mmmmmmmm. Cookies! Yum!!

All in fun! Cheers from Honey!


  1. Oh you two look sooo funny with that helmet on!

    Belly jiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. Our mom was born in San Francisco and grew up in South San Francisco. Her nana lived close to Golden Gate Park so she used to go there a lot. She loved the two big wind mills and all the flowers. When her and dad go back for visits she likes to go see the park again. You and Sammie look like you had a fun time promoting the bicycle. Helmets are good for skateboarding, bicycle riding and skiing and snow boarding to. Sammie looks good in her stiches protecting shirt. We're glad she's getting better. Don't let her near the glove box.
    - The Bumpass Hounds

  3. We think you are looking very professional! I would probably not wear one of those helmets, though Hootie might. He's into hats!
    Smooches from pooches, BabyRD & Hootie

  4. You look awesome in your bicycle helmet, Honey! What a fun day you and Sammy had!
    Mom and dad used to have an English Bulldog that bit tires!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Woo two are just toooooo khute!

    What great pawmoters fur a great place!


  6. Love the helmets. I have a blue one! As far as the tires go, Mom says it's best to chew on tire toys, not real tires. What does she know!


  7. Hi Honey! You and Samantha sure look cute as promo doggies!

    See ya!

  8. Hey Honey! We thought we were following you already....oh well :D To vote for Sammie you have to click the white dot next to her name in the poll at the top of the page :o)
    Nice hat! And lovely to see Sammie onthe mend after the five-fingered fiend incident!
    Slobbers xx

  9. Hi Honey

    Thank you for popping over and introducing yourself. We love making new friends.

    Molly and Taffy

  10. LOL
    love your input to the business! I´m sure no one can resist petting you :)
    Love your photo with the helmets! really funny!

    Lot´s of licks to you two!

  11. Hello Honey, I want to tell your mom about the DOZENS of happy goldens I saw last week in Concord, MA. They (escorting their people) were at the funeral of a 96 yr old, very prominent Golden Retriever person. A funeral can't be completely sad with all those dogs around--it was a beautiful sight.

  12. Sherry, Ah! That is so sweet!!! What a lovely tribute.
    Thanks so much for sharing and for visiting my site! We look forward to more fun posts on your neat site!

    And, thanks everyone!
    Cheers, from Honey

  13. Well hello... Honey! And may I say, you are one beautiful lady! I love the way you think, too! "No pose wifout a cookie" is what I always say! Love for you... from Luke

  14. Hi Honey, both you and Sammie look pawsome with the helmet on, look like pros!

    Sam & June

  15. Hi Honey,

    How are you doing? I hope Sammie has recovered from her stitches. Did you keep all the gloves away?


  16. Hi Honey....

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come by again. I enjoyed reading your blog too too!

    Diego Dog

  17. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh...
    you two look sooo funny with that helmet on!!!!
    and sooooooooooo sweet!!!
    We love watching you babies....are soooooooooooo gorgeous and our eyes are shining when looking you!!!!
    great post Honey.....thanks for sharing with us!!!
    can you give help to my brother Milo with Sammie??
    He's falling in love with her!!!!

  18. Hi Honey, thanks for visiting my blog.

    13 eh? Looking fab! And good to see you're still enjoying the Great Outdoors.....loved your kayaking photo. You're one lucky dog!

  19. Hi Honey! I didn't even see this post LOL! How could I have missed! Pix came out cute of helmeted doggies - that was a chore, yes Honey? Good job though!
    Hugs and xo,