Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hi from Honey's week so far......

Well....Hi! Just had a few minutes to write here....
Monday I went to check out my new potential volunteer job..visiting a home with seniors that do not receive a lot of visitors. I felt really out of place, maybe because they weren't expecting me. But eventually, I did get a few pets, and found LOTS of crumbs on the floor..... Mom said we will try to go by and visit once a week. Maybe we can take a walk on a really pretty trail nearby! Woof! Mom, let's do that!
After, mom took me to one of my favorite parkies. I got to swim! The sun was shining through the trees after the rain, it was lovely. So many great smells and sticks. We often go with our dear friends, Golden Samantha and her mom. Those are really fun times. I LOVE Sammie's mom's pants!!! Guess why?! Treats! I love to follow those pants! I could walk for miles.
And Samantha is AMAZING! She can be standing next to me, staring into the pocket of those pants with me, and all of a sudden, leap OVER ME and is pretty much standing on the other side of me. Our moms always let out big laughs when that happens. Sammie has that great energy!
Yesterday I went to my really nice vet. She is so thorough, and nice to me. But, I guess I am getting older! Grrrr.... More hard tablets to take. And, they are running some tests on a few questionable spots on me. I hope I'm ok!
Oh, and that's me in my curl-up bed!! So comfy!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Hi from Honey in the Powder

So, we made it to the snow... A bit of fresh powder for me to snoop around in on Saturday. I love the snow! There were other cool doggies up there, some with coats and parkas with hoods! And, some had a doggie pass. Doggie passes donate money to a local cause, and would get me my own season snow pass with photo on it. MOM! I need one of those!!
I had my booties on most of the time, keeps the ice out of my paws. I have good booties.
I love making snow angels, and sniffing around the outdoor patios. Sometimes, if I am not done sniffing, and am being prompted to move on, I just lie down under whichever table I am working on at the time... I need more time folks.
It was a bit icy in some spots. Mom slipped right on to her butt once! You ok mom? And I did a few of my usual, foot-falls-into-snow-hole deals. Good grief, it is tough to get back up I tell you!
By Sunday, I was ready to take a ride home....a storm was coming and dad and I noticed that mom was turning into Nervous Nelly again....time to head home....