Monday, February 9, 2009

Hi from Honey in the Powder

So, we made it to the snow... A bit of fresh powder for me to snoop around in on Saturday. I love the snow! There were other cool doggies up there, some with coats and parkas with hoods! And, some had a doggie pass. Doggie passes donate money to a local cause, and would get me my own season snow pass with photo on it. MOM! I need one of those!!
I had my booties on most of the time, keeps the ice out of my paws. I have good booties.
I love making snow angels, and sniffing around the outdoor patios. Sometimes, if I am not done sniffing, and am being prompted to move on, I just lie down under whichever table I am working on at the time... I need more time folks.
It was a bit icy in some spots. Mom slipped right on to her butt once! You ok mom? And I did a few of my usual, foot-falls-into-snow-hole deals. Good grief, it is tough to get back up I tell you!
By Sunday, I was ready to take a ride home....a storm was coming and dad and I noticed that mom was turning into Nervous Nelly again....time to head home....


  1. OH MY!

    Sure, rub it in that THE SNOW THIEF took MINE!

    Furry nice pikhs! Woo are furry lukhky!


  2. WOOOWOOOWOOOO Honey!!!!!
    Lot of snow!!!!!
    YEAHHHHH.....we love snow like you!!!
    but you have booties!!!!!!great!!!!
    We hate shoes....mum tried to buy ti for us....but we have eated them!!!!!!!!WAAAWAAAWWAAAAAA!!!!!!
    your pictures are very very very wonderful...and you.........VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!
    we're fall in love with you and your sweet glance!!!!!
    take care when you come back home!!!
    lots of love and kisses

  3. Your ma keeps taking such pawsome pictures - we love them and your booties too! I hope I can enjoy the snow with you one day! I hope I see you later!
    Love and Licks,

  4. Hope your mom did not get hurt or you either. The snow thief must have dropped my snow off at your place. =)

  5. Woof! Thanks for visiting my blog. Good to meet you and glad to be your friend. Woof! Sugar

  6. Thanks everyone! Glad to make new pals around the world. Life can be sooooo interesting!