Friday, February 6, 2009

Parkie time update blog now...

Mom said, parkie time will be, I lounged in my curl-up bed for a bit, then remembered I should do some doggie blogging!

I think we are going to the snow later...if mom doesn't "nervous-nelly" out from the little storm!
Oh! I found some travel pix...we might go here again this summer... Florence Lake, a very beautiful place...that's our van we used to take camping...but the timing belt would come off at the MOST INCONVENIENT times, and mom would really freak out... That's me, in my spot in the van with all their stuff! (well, mostly dad's stuff).

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hi from Honey

Cheers! My name is Honey (....sometimes...see below). I am 13 years old. Yea!
That's me getting a snow bath! Dad said I had rolled too many times in the 'not nice' snow. I LOVE the 'not nice' snow! Good smells. I love the snow! And, thankfully later that day we got to go to Camp Richardson at Lake Tahoe for a hike. Lots of sticks. I love sticks! It turned out to be a full moon. Mom and dad were thrilled. And I was thrilled 'cause that meant more time at the beach with my new sticks!
By the way, it wasn't easy to find a blogname, as there seem to be many Honey'ies! Which makes me think that might be why mom and dad have so many other names for me..... I find I am confused when they call out 'scooty' or 'doggers' or 'super trouper' or 'Buns!' or other well toned words. So, I resort to just sniffing my nose their way, and if good smells are in the air, I respond to their calls. (mom usually has better smells than dad, but don't tell dad).
Mom is going to help me post this and find more photos...but I'll sign off for now....