Monday, March 23, 2009

Sammie is getting better!

Hi from Honey! Got to sit with my pal Sammie last night....she is recovering from an intense surgery.... Please send her some get well wishes at She had a pretty unfortunate situation after eating a leather glove!
Sammie, you look so comfy! Sammie's mom bought her an new bed, and it looks very cozy doesn't it?

Well, my mom is home for a few days, and promises me that we are going to spend LOTS OF TIME TOGETHER! Soon, we will go spend time with Sammie again, while her mom works for a few hours. I love visiting Sammie!

Hugs from Honey!


  1. Hi Honey! It's so nice of you to go sit with Sammie. I'm sure it makes her feel better. I was very worried about her, too, and I'm glad glad she's getting better. Tell her Zeke and I said hi!

    Your pal,

  2. Woo are such a special furiend to go visit her AND leave such pretty flowers too!

    She's a lukhky girl fur many many reasons!


  3. So nice of you to go and see Sammie! She looks to be getting better, isn't she?

    I'm goin to wish her well at her blog!



  4. ohh honey, your so sweet to keep her company :)
    You’ll see, she’ll get better soon :)

    Lick for you two!

  5. Yer a good friend to go sit with Sammie, glad she is getting better! Have fun with yer Mama while she's not workin!

    Feather, Darla & Pappy, the TN Bull Terriers

  6. You make a great home care nurse, Honey! I hope your friend Sammie recovers fully and I have taken note of the leather glove situation. I have been known to swallow "undesirables". Well that's what Mom calls them, I find them to be highly desireable. Anyway take good care of her, I'm sure you are a comfort to her.
    Woofs and Get Well Soon slobbers!

  7. How nice of you to go and spend time with Sammie, Honey, when she's not feeling well!
    Her new bed is beautiful and looks very comfy!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. OHHHHHHHHH Dear Honey...
    you're such a lovely and special friend for Sammie and us!!!
    sure Sammie baby was very very happy to receive your visit!!!
    with all your love and friendship she'll getting better asap!!!
    Please...give she an extra cuddle from us!!!!
    Honey......You'r Wonderfulllllll!!!and we love you soooooooooooo much!!!
    Kisses and licks!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dear Honey,
    Thank you so much for taking care of me so creatively this morning. Mom loved looking at all the funny pictures you took of me and Honey with some of my funny toys! Photos are really a hoot! Mom loved seeing what I was doing while she was gone. You are a very thoughtful girl and so is your Mama. WE LOVE YOU! Mwah!
    xo Hugs, Sammie

  10. Heya Honey,
    That was very nice of you to sit with Samantha. We are sure relieved to know that she in your able care. You two are both beautiful girls. please give Sammie about 12 smoochies fro all of us Bumpass Hounds and Kittie. And thank you for being you.
    - TBH

  11. Awhhh you are so sweet.. honey.. (hee nice play on words)
    Sammie is lucky to have you as a friend.. I'll head over to sammie's blog. I am curious-a leather glove for lunch? Never tried that one.


  12. Aww~ So sweet of you to visit dear Samantha ! BOL !

  13. I'm sure Nurse Honey can take care of anyone. You're a good friend!! Love, Sally

  14. That was furry nice of you to sit with your friend Sammie. I'm sure you made her feel a lot better.
    Gruffs from the Scruff

  15. Haroooooo Honey! Thank woo for commenting on MY post!!! Woo is a good nurse to Sammie!

    *may the force be with woo*

  16. Ciao bella Honey!

    You are such a sweet and kind ragazza, mia amica! I'm sure your friend Sammie appreciates your company and your care. And I appreciate having you as mia nuova amica!

    Tanti baci!

  17. Woof Honey, we are Sammie's friends. We saw you on her blog. You are such a good sitter/friend.

    Tails Wag,
    Samantha(another Sammie) & June