Monday, March 16, 2009

Great time at Muir Beach

Hi from Honey! Thank you Samantha and her mom and dad for having me over Saturday and Sunday! I had a GREAT time.
I got to go to Muir Beach! Yea!
Good smells, fresh air, sand in my paws...... I might have eaten a rock, opps! Thought it was a snack...of course.

My mom was worried about me getting caught in the waves, so I kept my leash on just in case..... I look like I have a sash on in the top photo. Funny! is another drizzly and I have been walking a bit in the neighborhood, it's too wet for trails, mom says.... And, I might go to work with her today! Well, it's not that exciting.....but at least I can hang out near her.

Bye for now.
Cheers, Honey


  1. Hanging out khlose to Mom?


    That's even better than The Beach!

    PeeEssWoo: So, was the rokhk tasty?

  2. Oh how I long to go to a beach, maybe you could convince my mom to take me? Have a great day. =)

  3. I'm thinking of you Honey and missing you! We got two nice days in a row hanging out! I miss you, but I'm happy to hear that you are with Mom today! The beach was fun. Wait til you hear what I got into this morning - Mom took pictures.
    xo Love Sammie

  4. Honey!
    So cool you got to go the beach! You sure had lots of fun! Glad you could stay with your mom today! =)


  5. I love the beach - it looks like you enjoyed yourself! I love hanging with my D and C too -

    Lots of licks

  6. Hi Honey! Loooove the beach! :) it´s so much fun :)
    sara´s always afraid of the currents also :)

    lot´s of golden licks

  7. Honey,
    Did you catch any dungeness crabs at the beach? Our mom loves dungeness crab. Keeping your leash on is smart cuz you don't want to get swept out to sea, never to be heard from again; never ever. Home is better.
    - TBH

  8. Hi from Honey!!!
    Thanks to everyone for visiting!

    And, yes! to the Bumpass Hounds, I definitely don't want to be swept out to sea. Mom is very careful with me, but I still get to do fun things.


  9. We think it's great that you get to go to work with your mom, Honey!
    Happy St. Patrick's day!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. Hi Honey! I can tell you had lots of fun at the beach. I love the beach too.

    Your pal,

  11. hello Honey,

    it's so nice to meet you! you are such a beautiful poochie! we live near the beach too and I love to play in the water, but I always have to stay on my leash. I feel safer that way.

    puggle power!

  12. WOOOWOOOWOOO Dear Honey!!
    So cool you got to go the beach! You sure had lots of fun! you look sooooooooo funny and cute and GORGEOUS in these photos!!!!
    we love watching you at the beach!!!
    Glad you could stay with your mom!!!!!!
    Spend a day with our humans is the best thing to do in the world!!!
    We love your blog and you!!!!!!!!
    Lots of love and kisses!!!

  13. Hello from Monty and Daisy and their Dad. We have been looking at all your pictures. I like the ones down by the sea. We love running around at the beach too.

  14. How nice to spend time with mommy and a lovely day at the beach, enjoy your weekend too! Love, Dino