Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gosh it's bright around here! And, mom has a question...

Comfy pillow, but a bit bright. Mom was trying to cheer me up, as it is raining again...means we will have to wait a bit for parkie time. That's ok. I don't mind more relaxing time.
This is me in super relax mode!

Here's from mom:::: Thank you so much for visiting Honey's site and leaving such wonderful comments! We were wondering if any of you have had experience with Adequan or Legend, both are joint lubricant treatments that are being recommended by our vet. We are heasitant because our dear Honey is almost 14! and already on a few medications....we are worried that we will load her up with too much for her little body. Would love any feedback, and in the meantime, we will do a bit of research.
MANY THANKS! Enjoy the day!


  1. Sorry it is raining so woo khan't get to the park...I know how frustrating THAT is!

    I asked my mom about the khwestions your mom posed...she didn't have anything to offer about them...sorry!

    PeeEssWoo: Keep resting so woo khan wear out your mom when woo do get to the park!

  2. We do not know anything about the products either. Sorry. And sorry for the rain, you can have my snow if you want it?

  3. Oh Honey! You look so comfy-it's the best place to be on a rainy day. I asked Mom about the meds since I'm to young to have to worry about that yet. She said my brother I never knew was on deramaxx and rhymadyl (spelling?) at different times. They helped but he started having tummy problems. He had several bouts of diarrhea and throwing up with vet trips until Mom did some research to find out that one of them (she forgets which) caused ulcers. After she stopped giving it to him, he never had that problem again. All that to say, do lots of research. Hope that was some kinda help.
    Oh, and lots and lots of lovin' is always good.

    Woofs and sore bones slobbers,

  4. Hi Honey!

    How comfy and cozy you look! Tell your mom that "Springtime" makes some wonderful supplements. We all use them!


  5. Hi Honey! You look wonderful lying on that confy pillow!

    14 years old! That's lovely! You look young and fresh! :)



    PS: sorry, my hoomans can't really help you... I'm their first doggie... :)

  6. Hi Honey! We've never heard of those medications, sorry. We wish we could help. Our Freddie was on glucosamine and chondroitin for joint problems, and also fish oil. None of them upset his stomach.

    See ya!

  7. oh Honey --we love you so much. no experience with the meds--ask your vets about herbal product for joint lub perhaps? how can you sleep with such a bright pillow? hehehe! you melt our heart with the 2 daisies.
    love saige and guinness!

  8. Sorry Honey, but we haven't had any experience with those. Homer gets Dinovite and it works great for him. He and Jubal also get a glucosamine and chondrotin tablet every day.
    You need to sing the Rain, Rain, Go Away song.

  9. Hello beautiful!

    We don't know anything about those things but we do hope you get the info that you need.

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie and Lucie

  10. Hey Honey! Sorry about your stinky rain, that sucks!
    And we're sorry we can't help your Mom with her q's either, we've never heard of either but we know of Metacam, (sp?) supposed to be quite good but v.pricey...good luck :D
    Slobbers xx

  11. Hi, Honey,

    my late falster mommy Bella was also on Metacam for 5 years and it works great for her.Maybe you would ask your vet abot that.
    You looks so comfy on that pillow;-)
    Hugs and kisses,

  12. Hi Honey... I also hate raining days :(

    My Mom sais that I'm her first dog, so she don't have expecience in this subject :( Sorry !!!

    Licks from Portugal,

  13. We've never heard of Adequan or Legend. Mom gives me Liquid Health Level 5000!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  14. Hi Honey! :) we love your super relax mode! :)
    About the meds... I have no clue... sorry...

    But I could give you my healing licks to make you feel beter :)
    keep it up
    Love Pu

  15. Hi Honey. Enjoy the snoozes...They r the best. You do sooo look comfy, but never-the-less a gorgeous ol' gal'. (Love the flowers...mmm aromatherapy!) Luv Max


  16. Hi Honey
    You look super relaxed there, snoozing on the pillow!
    We dont know about the medications but think your mom is right to do her research.
    The nice sunny weather will help all those joint aches and pains.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xx

  17. Love your new blog colors and blog list! Bootiful! And specially the photo at the bottom - what a great surprise! I don't know either, but since I see so much of my vet lately, I could ask? And yes you DO look so comfy cozy there in this rain that I think is clearing up now! Yay!
    Tons of Love and Hugs
    xo Sammie

  18. Sir Bear is 9 years old and he takes Rimadyl every day. The vet said he could also take a glucosamine/condroitin supplement. Sorry we have never heard of the other med's. (I know the spelling is probably wrong, but you know what I mean!)
    Emma Rose

  19. Haroo, Honey!! It iz nice to meet woo! We arr Gus and Waldo. Gus iz a golden, just like woo. We iz happee to find yur blog. Can wee be friends?

    We iz sorree dat we don't know nufing abowt da medisins. We iz verree yung puppehs (almost 3 and 1), so we don't know anyfing fur helping. We hope woo getz ansurs soon!

    Gus and Waldo

  20. Woof! Hi There ... relaxing is not so bad. LOVE your comfy bright yellow pillow. So sorry, don't know much about the medication. I'll have my mom check it out. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  21. Ola Honey! We don't have any experience with that stuff yet. We have heard the same as Emma Rose suggested: glucosamine/condoitin. Our hooman grandma takes that for her arthritus and says it helps. That's all we know.
    XO-Hootie and BabyRD

  22. I like to sleep in on a rainy day too. I take glucosamine. My Beautiful Raja took lots of different joint drugs but dumb old momma can't remember all their names. I hope you find medicines that make you feel better.


  23. Hey! I think blogger just ate my comment. Oh well. I have taken glucosamine since I was a teenager. My Beautiful Raja took stronger stuff because she had bad ARFritus. The V-E-T gave her many different drugs, but momma can't remember what they all were. Hope you find medicines that make you feel better.


  24. You look so comfy in your pillow, Honey!
    Sorry we can´t help you with those questions.
    Hope you get answers soon!


  25. Hi honey bunny
    Can you move over a bit.. for me? I love your lil blond eyelashes... 14 wow. Mom loves loves loves older dogs.. so sweet.

  26. I can't believe you're 14. You're so gorgeous!
    *nose kiss* Mom doesn't know much about those products, sorry.


  27. Can't believe you're 14. You're so gorgoeous!
    Mama doesn't know much about those products. sorry *nose kiss*


  28. Sorry Honey, I have not tried either one. I am now taking one tablet of Consequin DS daily, it has glucosamine and chondroitin to help maintain healthy joints. Ask Mommy to give you some light massage to soothe the joints. Love, Dino

  29. Hi Honey's mom, this is Sam & June's mom. Sorry, I do not know anything about those meds. My Samantha is only 4 and she already has slight arthritis. She loves to play fetch so much but I know she pays for it at night. I do give her glucosamine. Sometimes I just feel so helpless, I'm sure that's probably how you feel sometimes with Honey.