Sunday, February 22, 2009

's home the next few days. Yea!!!! Dad went skiing this weekend. I'm glad. He loves the snow. But, mom had to work, and lucky me, I get to stick closer to home. I LOVE the snow, as you know, but LOVE it most when both mom and dad are with me.

Here are more photos mom has in her collection. is pretty silly sometimes....thinks I LIKE wearing that funny orange itchy thing on my head....but, I know how to shake it off.

Oh! And, I am soooooo happy to have doggie blog friends!! THANK YOU EVERYONE! It means a lot.
Off for a walk with Samantha and her mom!! Yea!! In the rain!


  1. Can't wait to walk with my orange haired golden pal! Well... even tho it's pouring rain out! Oh well - wet humans, wet goldens - walks are great!
    Love and Licks,

  2. I hope woo four had lots and lots of WET SPLASHY fun!


  3. I am so glad to have met you too. and glad to be your friend. =)

  4. We like being your friends. We thought you were a natural redhead.

  5. Hi,
    nice to meet you. Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    It looks you are feeling good in the boat:-)I should try it one day...
    Kisses and hugs from Nessa

  6. Wow Honey - I looked at the first picture at the top of this post, and thought I was looking in a mirror!

    We could be twins! Glad to meet you! Hope we can be BBFFs! (bloggy best friends forever).

  7. Oh Honey, you look sooo funny with that wig on. Hehehe!

    Butt sniffs,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  8. Honey, Come on over to pick up your Honest Scrap Blog Award. You are the most in those wigs!! XO-BabyRD & Hootie

  9. Hi Honey! I tried to leave you a comment the other day but the commenter kept freezing up on me. So I'm gonna try again. I think you look great in that orange wig - like an actress or model! I hope you had fun playing with Samantha.

    Your pal,

  10. Oh, Honey, I almost spit out my dog food laughing at you in that orange wig! Love, Sally (still laughing)

  11. Hi Honey!

    Oooooohhh!!! I just LOVE your orange hair! It caught my eye immediately. I'm so happy to finally meet some new friends on this list!

    Your new friend, Brind'Amour

  12. You do look like a Diva in that orange wig! I love it! Big hugs, Dino