Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hi from Honey on March 1

Hi from me! Mom's home again for a few days, and dad is at the snow again. Mom and I went to a few parkies today in the rain. That was great! I feel more energized when I get to go to lots of parkies.
A few photos of me and Golden Samantha. Cute photos, eh! And, one of me trotting along at the parkie this was between storms. The wind was sure blowing, and the creek was quite high.
Mom has been giving me LOTS of hugs! I think she worries about me. I was having some trouble with my stomach earlier this week. The vet had me taking a lot of different wierd things, that don't taste like my usual crunchy. Mom, I don't need all those things!!!....but now, I don't have any strange things in my food, and my stomach seems to feel better. I just wish my hips would work better.

Lots of love, and thanks to all my bloggie doggie pals!


  1. Oh yes!

    I khan see we soooooo need to beware of woo two!

    Tank woo fur sharing the pikhs!

    I hope woo keep feeling better!


  2. Hi Honey! I'm glad your tummy feels a little better. Tell your mom to give you a hug for me, too.

    Your pal,

  3. Good to know you're feeling much better. Looks like you had a fun walk!

    Butt sniffs,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  4. Hey there! Nice to meet you guys. THis is our first visit. I just blogged about doggie signs like the one in your first pic. In case you did not see it yet:
    Very cute pics! You are some fluffy pups! Look forward to checking out the rest of your adventures!

  5. Hey Honey,
    You are like the prettiest Golden girl. We're glad you're feeling better. Good thing Goldens are water dogs with all that rain you've been playing in. - TBH

  6. Hi!

    I wish you regain health and your family feels relieved.

    Peace and love

  7. OHHHHHH Dear Honey!!!
    You and sammie are 2 girls sooooo beautiful and we love you a lot!!!!
    we are falling in love with you!!!!
    will be a dream for us if we could have a girlfriends llike you !!!!
    your pictures are very very cute!!!!!
    Good to know you're feeling much better!!!!!!!!!!
    lots of love and kisses dear Honey!!!

  8. Honey sweetheart, so nice to see you enjoying your walkie! Love always, Dino