Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday from Honey

Well....It's been RAINY! Very rainy and windy in fact... And, mom just started a new job...with LONG hours. I am so sad. But it's not tells me. Hope not mom! Dad's back from his work trip....I LOVE dad, but wish he had more snack smells on him.

I spent lots of time this weekend lounging in my curl-up bed, and hanging out with dad. We watched the Tour de California, where mom was working in the rain. She keeps coming home real soggy.

I am dreaming of summer are some photos I found....


  1. That's a nice ball woo had!

    Tank woo fur sharing!


  2. Hi Honey! I love the canoe picture - I wouldn't ever sit still on a canoe - I'd jump in the water - so tempting! And the picture of you swimming with the stick is awesome too! You sure go to some beaooootiful places! I hope your mom doesn't get too wet today - It's spose to be raining #%$&*(@s and DOGS for the next few days (months?). Stay dry!
    With Love and Licks and Huggies,
    Sammie xo

  3. Awe looking forward to it myself. Thanks for sharing those photos and making me want it more now............

  4. Hi Honey! What a lot of fun stuff you've done - even riding in a canoe! Hopefully the weather will clear up soon and you'll have lots of fun again...though seriously, hanging out with dad doesn't sound so bad...

    Your pal,

  5. Wow! Honey, those are awesome photos! I would love to go on a trip like that. WE go out in our boat on the lake, but it's not as cool as what you did. Talk to your mom and dad and see if you can invite me the next time. Tell ya what, if you take me on one of those cool canoe trips in the mountains, I'll take you on one of my dock diving competitions! Love, Sally

  6. WOOWOOOO Honey....
    what a great day you had!!!!
    your pictures are wonderful....
    can you invite us next time?????PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
    we love your picture on're a good driver!!!!...and swimmer too......
    lots of love and kisses

  7. Woof! pawsome photos ... me too is hoping for summer. We got lots of snow this weekend but its too cold to play. Woof! Sugar

  8. Those are some really great pictures of summer. We bounced over from Samantha's blog. You are a spry 13 years, aren't you.
    - Homer J., Jubal, J.E.B., Sophie, Shelby Belle, Jack, Abby, Max, Shiloh, Alex, Boru and Jenny = The Bumpass Hounds and Kitties

  9. we're honored to be your friend Honey!!!
    you are a very special friend and you look sooooooo gorgeous!!!
    your pictures are great and you look soo funny with orange hair!!!!WAAAWAAAAWAAA!!!!
    but in one where you sleeping on are soooooooooooo cute.....we would like cuddle you a lot!!!!
    we love youuuuuuuuuuuuu so much!!!
    kisses and licks!!!

    Now we can post on your blog!!!!we had tried a lot but your blog stopped us!!!
    but now seems all ok!!!we hope......
    We think to you everyday!!!!
    Lots of love and kisses